For us, it’s not just about technological skills

We combine technological knowledge and know-how from finance, insurance, and automotive. We see obstacles as challenges that move us forward together.

What we pride ourselves on

Expertise and professionalism

We could not exist without expertise. Expertise in technology and the individual fields, combined with professionalism, are our fundamental pillars.

Long-term partnerships and trust

Our priority is to create long-term relationships, because that is the only way to achieve real success. We protect this mutual trust like the apple of our eye.

Our own initiative and courage

Our people focus on what you really need and are not afraid to come up with new ideas. This is the essence of our strategic partnership.

Openness and cooperation

We communicate honestly, hide nothing, and approach everything openly. At the same time, we always strive towards the common goal - your victory is our victory.

Everything depends on the right leadership

Stepan Husek

Managing Partner

Tomas Huml


Martin Dobias

Executive Director

Jiri Kaplicky


By combining our vast reservoir of experience from countless projects with Meonzi’s know-how, we can implement innovations that even the complex architecture of a large organization cannot impede. And I see huge potential in that.

Pavel Riegger

CEO, Trask

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